Choosing the right freight product


“Are you choosing the right freight product for your business?” All businesses need to ship in order to realise sales. Increased sales leads to more opportunities for themselves. Are you asking this question often enough?

The question highlights the matter of Choice. Of Choosing the Right Freight Product

The diagram below presents the critical advantages and disadvantages of using the 3 common freight products in Asia.

Choosing the right freight product

Some obvious features are:

  1. Air freight costs more, but offers the quickest transit time.
  2. Ocean Freight is by far the cheapest. but it takes the longest time to arrive.
  3. Road freight is in between the two. A mix of good transit time with a cost somewhere between Air and Ocean Freight.

The Chart offers an easy reference to choose the right freight product. It highlights the simplest advantage and disadvantages of each product and how it impacts your business.

In reality, logistics providers will seek to understand your needs more before offering you a service. They seek to balance your costs to the transit time. This method is a pain-points choice approach.

Our approach is different. We work to create a solution that opens more opportunities for you. To do that, we want to think about how to continuously improve. This enables us mutually to think about how freight trends impacts the business. When you understand that, you will seek to find and see more opportunities to distribute and increase freight effectiveness.

We help you step outside of the usual norm to find a right fit for your business opportunities. We offer you Opportunity based choices.

If you’d like to discuss more about maximising opportunities to transport your product. Please contact us.

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