Air Freight Practically


Air Freight Practically is about understanding the usage of Air Freight for your business.

Air Freight exists in 3 main forms: Airmail, Air Courier, Bulk Air Freight.  Almost everyone knows exactly how to use these traditional air freight services. This is not surprising because Air Freight as a product is relevant.

You travel on airplanes, the rates and product are easy to understand. It can be felt, seen and assessable.

Yet what is not quickly noticed is how it is changing. Business trends has caused the air freight product to change to keep up with these trends.

One major trend is eCommerce. How does this impact Air Freight practically?

Consider the humble Airmail. It was a dying product facing extinction. Because of email’s popularity and widespread use. Many writers wrote articles stating it would soon be extinct.

Instead of extinction. Today it is the transportation of choice for light weight products sold online. The humble airmail transformed to be the main carrier of light weight ecommerce products. New business developments such as eCommerce forces transformation. As a result traditional air courier and bulk air freight has changed in step with it. Or are catching up.

How should modern businesses today react to these changes and use Air Freight practically?

  1. Rethink what goals the air transportation product helps you achieve.
  2. Find out if your goals match trends in  Air transportation networks. Does it offer the same advantages it did?
  3. Find out how eCommerce is skewing airline’s consideration of loads and load planning. Will this impact your need for space?

    These 3 factors above are causing disruptions to Air Freight. Your goal of successful, effective delivery is dependent on this.

    Does your business need to find out whether its air freight strategy is still relevant? Or do you need to rethink your Air Freight Strategy?

Due to our work with eCommerce providers and traditional businesses. Our experience allows us to take a step back to see where gaps for each are. Ours solutions are thus crafted to incorporate trends coming from both the business and the vendor’s side and be relevant.

If you are seeking for ways to compete better. Or if your business has always been using air transportation. Speak with us to see the new trends.

Make your Air Freight pragmatic, relevant in view of these new changes.

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