Trade War

March 2019 marks the start of the official US-China Trade War. From this date, many Made in China and Made in USA products will become 25% if not more.

This means You will loose customers as the cost of your products become higher, less competitive and Harder to SELL!

Free World Solution (FWS) is the only company in Singapore that can help you navigate the Trade War. We specialize in Cross Border Free Trade Agreement Solutions services.

Our job is to help you reduce Trade Tariffs and keep your products selling.

With trade tensions rising and irrational rules now set up. We are the answer to help you achieve competitiveness.

If you are a manufacturer in China or USA looking for solutions to circumvent the Trade War and to continue your business. We are the solution for you.

What we have done for clients

1. Evaluate tariff savings

2. Find ways to help you lower or avoid tariffs.

To Get Started, email us with you enquiry and your top 5 products.

We will send back to you a tariff evaluation and report, a quick summary of how you can overcome the trade war and keep your products selling, moving.

Choose to empower your company and revenue

Make no mistake, the trade war that is happening today means you need creative solutions to help you succeed in your goal. Old rules must go away and new ways of working and thinking will need to be setup.

Other details to ensure full enjoyment of Tariff reduction will be dependent on your needs.

Write us today, let us help you be successful despite the Trade War!